Taze Fındık Rekolte ve Fiyat Beklentisi 2015

Debate over price result of different yield predictions
Turkey: Controversy surrounding hazelnut prices

Predicted high hazelnut yields have led to price controversy. In Giresun, northeastern Turkey, producers are predicting lower records and for this reason have decided to sell a kilo of hazelnuts for no less that €4.90. Yet exporters are of the opinion that the yields will be higher and export organisations want the price per kilo to be €3.60.

The estimated higher hazelnut yield as well as the price is being debated. Giresun Chamber of Agriculture Coordination Committee for the 2015 season, stated that the hazelnuts’ starting price would be €4.90 and “we will definitely not sell hazelnuts for under this price,” said a member of the committee.

The 2014 hazelnut season concluded with the price of €4.90, but during the year the price rose as high as €7.20.

The Istanbul Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products Exporters’ Association estimates the price at €3.60. The Union predicts that this year’s production will meet consumption. 

Due to frost last year, hazelnut production remained at 420,000 tons. This year expectations are high, but the yield estimates which influence whether the price is high or low, are very different.

The Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture predict 590,394 tons. The Turkish Statistical Institute 585,000 tons, the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry estimate the yield to be 646,254 tons. The Black Sea Exporters Association and Hazelnut Promotion Group estimated 733,246 tons.