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Is Your Cold Storage Facility Using Too Much Power?

GCCA News  • March 5

By Stu Kushner, Manager of Marketing & Communication, Global Cold Chain Alliance
Is Your Cold Storage Facility Using Too Much Power?

Did you know that in 2018 the average power usage for temperature-controlled warehouses was 1.12 kilowatt hours (KwH) per Cubic foot of space? That’s almost nine percent of all warehouse operating costs.

Temperature-controlled warehouses interested in finding out how they stack up to this figure, and many more, are encouraged to participate in the recently-launched 2018 IARW North American Productivity & Benchmarking Survey.

The survey features exciting upgrades for 2018, including:

  • Peer reporting allows uses to benchmark their facility performance year over year, in addition to benchmarking against their competitors.
  • Data will now be collected and analyzed annually, creating a more accurate and timely picture of industry trends.
  • Complimentary premium access to a wide range of robust KPI filters for all companies who submit by April 1.

In addition to helping users benchmark, this information allows GCCA to identify any market trends about the important impact the cold chain has on the North American economy.

For instance, because of continued participation in the survey, we know that the refrigerated warehousing industry is estimated to bring in $4.7 billion in revenue on an annual basis, with the average refrigerated warehouse reporting close to $7 million in revenue per facility. This revenue includes both traditional storage as well as value-added services.

You can read more about these findings here.

Not a Member? Join Today!

The Productivity & Benchmarking Report is the top tool for temperature-controlled warehousing companies to compare their operations with others in the industry. Only GCCA members are eligible to access this vital tool. Become a member and submit your data before the premium access window closes on April 1, 2018.