Lojistik Şirketinizi Seçmeden Önce “İyi Düşün”

efore you choose a distribution warehouse to partner with, you have to consider a number of important factors that can either make or break the deal, according to New York-based International Warehouse Group.

After all, you’re trusting this company to ship and store all of your business’s products. Choosing a poor distribution warehouse can seriously impair your ability to deliver quality service and ensure the proper delivery of your goods. Carefully inspect each of these areas before you commit to outsourcing to a distribution warehouse.

First of all, you have to make sure that the warehouse in question thoroughly understands your company and your products. They need to be well informed on the dimensions of your products, especially if they’re irregularly shaped. Bulkier and heavier items may need special treatment.

If your company needs to store perishable items that are overly sensitive to heat or moisture, you’ll need to make sure that they have proper climate control. Any hazardous or flammable materials will need to be stored and handled using the latest safety precautions. Every type of product requires certain specifications. Make sure that whichever public warehousing service that you choose knows your products before the first shipment arrives.

When it comes to dependability, you need to know that your distribution warehouse has the proper resources to meet your needs. If your products are particularly expensive or fragile, the warehouse needs to have proper insurance and security measures in place. If your company relies on a bustling schedule, the warehouse needs to have adequate staffing and shipping methods to keep up.

Their employees need to be well trained and well informed on your company’s policies and needs. The warehouse should have top-notch equipment for moving, weighing and handling. All machines need to be properly serviced and up to date in terms of industry standards. You’ll also need to make sure that your public warehousing service has an efficient WMS or Warehouse Management System. Every transaction needs to be documented and recorded.

If the warehouse seems to be lacking in any of these departments, they’re probably not going to provide the expert service that your company needs. Don’t put your products and your company at risk. Ask questions and make sure that your distribution warehouse is the best that it can be.