İtalya da lojistik

Italy: Margins affected by poor logistics

Italy is the eighth economy in the world, but occupies the 21st place when it comes to logistics. This is due to the lack of infrastructure and a national logistics plan. It must be said that the Italian territory is rather complex but, at the same time, general organisation is not very good. The situation seems to be improving though.

Everything was discussed during the Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry convention, promoted by Assologistica together with Alsea and The International Propeller Clubs.

“Volumes are increasing in the fresh produce logistic sector, however margins remain a problem. But the responsibility is not always of retailers. At Assologistica, we try to favour the cooperation between customers and operators to avoid price wars favouring quality at a fair remuneration,” explains Assolgistica Vice-President Massimiliano Montalti.

Assologistica President Andrea Gentile explained that there are still a few problems due to the number of companies that haven’t survived the  recent recession. “Not to mention the fact that Italy is behind when it comes to infrastructure and bureaucracy.  In addition, mentality/awareness is also causing problems, as working as a network must become a priority on all levels.”

“The main challenge now, which is considered a true revolution, is the digitalisation of functions and processes. Change must be embraced not to remain behind. We all know that the modernisation of the logistic system is essential to make the economic system competitive.”