Turkey: New powerhouse partnership in horticulture and fruit exports

Turkey has always been a big player in the agricultural industry. The country is well known for producing various fruits of a high quality. It is also positioned very well to serve various markets in Asia and Europe.
According to Yavuz Taner, CEO of Alara Nursery and Alanar Fruit Company, “My companies have recently joined a partnership with Tekfen Agriculture Company. Alara Nursery and Alanar Fruit companies have been traditionally involved in horticulture and the production and exportation of fruits.”
Alanar exports fruits to Europe, Russia, Canada, Middle East, South Africa and the Far East. Tekfen on the other hand is the agricultural arm of the larger Tekfen Holdings, which is an international construction company that has been in operation for the last 60 years. Tekfen is involved in fertilizer and seedling production, banana fruit tree nursery tissue culture laboratory and other agricultural technologies. “The interest in the partnership actually began in June 2017.”
The Tekfen Company has an increasing interest in horticulture and exporting fruits globally. “The company contacted Alanat to strengthen their experience in the industry. This was also due to our track record of a 45% sales increase every year for the last 3 years,” says Taner.
The agreement was signed on the 5th of January, 2018, which has made Tekfen 90% shareholder of the Alara Nursery and the Alanar Fruit Company. The partnership has several massive objectives for the coming years, which should ensure that the Alanar and Alara Nursery will reach an optimum level.
“One of the objectives is to create synergy and to make use of the additional investment of $40 Million U.S. by Tekfen to Alanar to establish an extra 600 hectare cherry, apricot and bursa black fig orchard by 2020. This should support Alanar to reach 1,000 hectares of modern orchards. Another objective of the partnership is to establish the infrastructure for sorting, packing fruits and cold storage facilities and machinery, which will enable the company to pack and export up to 25,000 tons of fruits by 2022,” Taner added.
This partnership is expected to take the market by storm. The increase in quality and quantity are expected to add to the revenues of the company from loyal customers as well as expanding new clients.