France to introduce tax for trucks using its roads

The French government is working on the creation of a road tax for trucks using its roads, including foreign ones, so that they can contribute to the maintenance of the infrastructure, revealed “Les Echos”.

This tax, which is expected to help collect around 550 million Euro per year, would be an alternative to the so-called “eco-tax” that had been designed for trucks that used toll-free roads, and which was abandoned at the end of 2013 because of the protests that it generated, particularly in Brittany.

The Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne, interviewed by “Les Echos”, had been insisting since taking office on the idea that “the trucks in transit through our territory must also contribute to the funding for our infrastructure.”

To make this a reality, a law on mobility must be submitted to Parliament in the spring. The Government prefers the tax instead of a toll on certain interurban roads, as it is a simpler solution, according to the economic newspaper.

Borne told “Les Echos” that this law will also facilitate the implementation of urban tolls.